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Teen Parent Collaborative is a community of organizations and services that provide support for pregnant and parenting teens in Colorado. TPC offers our youth one place where they can find the resources, services, and support to enhance the health, social and economic well-being for their pregnancy, parenting, and their children in just a simple click.

TPC and their growing number of organizations and service providers are not here to judge, we are here to help teens. We know, first hand, the feelings you may have when you find out you’re pregnant. It can be overwhelming and simple put, scary.

You might not know what to do next? Who can I turn to? Where can I get help? TPC connects you to local providers that can help you navigate your pregnancy and parenting support and resources. Over 100, and growing, amazing organizations that have come together to ensure our teens that you are not alone. We have the support, tools, and resources to help you, to point you in the right directions, and do so with the kindness, love and the care you need.

If you are a teen and pregnant, it’s okay to ask for help.

Every family’s reaction to your pregnancy is different.

Ask for help – it’s okay to need it! Parenting is a difficult job and you deserve support. Reach out to neighbors, sign up for a Home Visitor, contact school staff or co-workers to ask about parenting resources.
Get to know other parents. It can feel like you’re all alone, but isolation makes parenting even harder. Join a playgroup or volunteer at your child’s preschool.
Find resources…they ARE out there. Check to see if your high school has a Parent Resource Center with information and classes. Visit your local library and recreation centers to learn more about available programs.

If you are a teen parent



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