Paragon Learning Center – Pueblo City Schools

Paragon Learning Center is home to Pueblo City Schools’ alternative education campus. Started in 2015 as a flexible and non-traditional program to assist students, administrators, and parents, for students in grades 9-12. The main goal of Paragon Learning Center is to meet students where they are ready to learn. The flexible programs of online and blended learning allow options for…

Mental Health Services of Denver

Mental Health Services of Denver provides programs for teens and young adults. These programs are specially designed to address the needs of adolescents in their transition to adulthood. These programs include crisis intervention, in home therapy, outpatient programs, youth justice initiatives, and more mental health resources to teenagers in the Denver area.

The Early Learning Center School District 11

The Early Learning Center provides high quality childcare and Early Head Start services to the infants and toddlers of teen parents working to earn their high school diploma from School District 11. Additionally, a variety of parenting related classes are offered at no cost to enrolled families and parents are encouraged to take leadership roles in the program.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains provides birth control and abortion services to females in the Rocky Mountain area. They provide expert care, with affordable access to everyone. In addition to their abortion and birth control services they provide STDI/STI testing, annual female pelvic and sexual health exams.   Whether you are insured or uninsured you can visit planned parenthood…

Jefferson County Human Services

Jefferson County Human Services provides multiple service snacks programs for adults and children living in Jefferson County. They have a family planning program which is available to all expecting families and mothers. This program includes STD, STI testing, female health exams, access to birth control and more. Additionally they have a fatherhood program, and child services.

Mental Health Center of Denver

MHCD has trained and experienced staff who provide responsive, effective, and individualized community-based care for children up to 18 and their families. Additionally, their Emerson Street for Teens & Young Adults location provides a program specially designed to address the needs of adolescents in their transition to adulthood.

Jefferson County Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program (JCAPPP)

JCAPPP Mission: Provide a comprehensive program to support and empower young parents through family health and child development education, teaching parenting practices and skills, early childhood education, and family advocacy. JCAPPP allows students to attend high school full time and receive credit toward their high school diploma. Additionally, students have the opportunity to bring their child to the fully licensed,…