About Us

We do together, what any one of us cannot do alone.

The Teen Parent Collaborative brings together local non-profit and service providers in throughout Colorado to work towards a vision where all teen parents and their children have all the resources they need to flourish.

We are a unified community of organizations driven by the strength of teen parents, volunteers, and advocates to raise public awareness, share resources, and advocate for public policy that benefits teen parents and their children.

Collective Group of non-profits, service providers, advocates and volunteers

We are building a movement in Colorado where individuals, organizations, leaders and advocates have a place they can come to for:

  • trusted, research based information to support providers working with teen parents.
  • local, Colorado specific resource and referral that direct teen parents towards program and services.
  • information for policymakers, leaders, and advocates about legislative and regulatory policy issues that support access to education and services by teen parents and their children.
  • engagement with other individuals working on behalf of teen parents and their children.