Colorado’s teen birth rate dropped by 47% between 2011 & 2018 but racial disparities persist and funding for support programs is at risk. Get Involved »

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The Teen Parent Collaborative is a unified community of organizations that strives to build capacity and connection for our members and advocates for teen parents and their children.

Governor John Hickenlooper Bill Signing
The Teen Parent Collaborative was formed in 2016 as we successfully advocated in alliance with partner organizations for the passage of HB16-1227, giving teen parents easier access to child care.
Only 2% of women who have a child as a teen earn a college degree by age 30
Adults with bachelor’s degrees earn on average $450 more per week than those with only high school diplomas.
84% of students at New Legacy Charter High School for teen parents graduate, similar to the average graduation rate for non-parenting teens nation-wide.

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“Serving teen parents involves unique challenges and the Teen Parent Collaborative has provided me with a strong and supportive network of support in this work. Also, through our collective voices, we are able to advocate for needed policy changes more effectively in partnership with the young families we serve.”

Jennifer Douglas

“I am blessed to be a part of such an extraordinary group of people who are making a difference every day in the lives of the teen parents and little ones they work with. The dedication and passion among group members is inspiring. Best of all are the stories of teen parents completing school, earning a GED, making healthier life choices, and finding meaningful community within the organizations and schools represented by this group.”

Lisa Steven

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