The Colorado Teen Parent Driver’s Education Grant Program

was established via HB22-1042 – Teen Parent Driving  Instruction Course and provides financial assistance to teen parents to pay for drivers education courses needed to obtain a driver’s license or learner’s permit and become a safe driver.  Grant funding can also be used for supportive services, such as transportation to and from driver’s education training and child care needed to facilitate participation in the program.

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The Teen Parent Driver’s Education Grant Program is open to any pregnant or parenting teen who is 15 to 19 years old residing in Colorado.  Teen parent providers and teen parent-serving organizations can assist interested individuals in completing the application.   Application review will take place within 3 days of submission and eligible individuals will be notified of their grant award.  The TPC asks that teen parents and teen parent providers be aware that parent or guardian permission is needed for individuals to participate in driver’s education courses if the individual is under 18 years old.


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