The TPC is actively tracking several legislative bills that impact the lives of teen parents.  Please join our advocacy committee to learn more. Email [email protected] to participate.

Last year, the 2018 legislative session saw a number of bills introduced that touch on issues of interest to the Teen Parent Collaborative.  New legislation from the 2018 session can be found below:

HB 18-1004 – Renew Child Care Contibution Tax Credit

SB 18-007 – Affordable Housing Tax Credit

HB 18-1141 – Modernize Early Childhood Council Language

HB 18-1306 – Improve Education Stability for Foster Youth

HB 18-1319 – Extension of Services for Successful Adulthood for Former Foster Care Youth (ages 18-21)

HB  18-1335 – County Child Care Assistance Program Block Grants

HB 18-1346 – Abuse of Youth Under 21 in Care of Institution

HB 18-1348 – Child Welfare Information Services

SB 18-099 – Align Early Childhood Quality Improvement Program

HB 18-1050 – Compentency to Proceed Juvenile Justice System

HB 18-1094 – Children & Youth Mental Health Treatment Act

HB 18-1156 – Limit Penalties for Juvenile Truancy

HB 18-1064 – Training Program for Prevention Child Sexual Abuse

HB 18-1363 – Recommendations of Child Support Commission

SB 18-095 – Outdated References to “Illegitmate” Children

SB 18-154 – Juvenile Planning Committee Crossover Plans

SB 18-213 – Transfer Academic Credits for Division of Youth Services Youths

SB 18-272 – Crisis & Suicide Prevention Training Grant Program

HB 18-1134 – Use of Colorado Preschool Program Positions

SB 18-013 – Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act