The TPC actively tracks several legislative bills that impact the lives of teen parents.  Please join our advocacy committee to learn more. Email to participate.

During the 2019 session, the TPC Advocacy Committee followed a number of bills that impact issues of interest to the Teen Parent Collaborative.  Links to these bills, and bills of interest from previous sessions, can be found below:

2019 Legislation

HB 1262State Funding for Full Day Kindergarten (TPC Position: Strongly Support)
HB 1171 – Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act (TPC Position: Strongly Support)
HB 1013 – Child Care Expenses Tax Credit Low Income Families (TPC Position: Strongly Support
HB 1005 – Income Tax Credit for Early Childhood Educators (TPC Position: Strongly Support)
HB 1032 – Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1038 – Dental Services for Pregnant Women on Children’s Basic Health Plan Plus (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1052 – Early Childhood Development Special District (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1120 – Youth Mental Health Education & Suicide Prevention (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1122 – CDPHE Maternal Mortality Review Committee (TPC Position: Support)
SB 7 – Prevent Sexual Misconduct at Higher Ed Campuses (TPC Position: Support)
SB 63 – Infant and Family Care Action Plan (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1194 – School Discipline for Preschool Through 2nd Grade (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1239 – Census Outreach Grant Program (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1257 – Voter Approval to Retain Revenue for Ed & Trans (TPC Position: Support)
HB 1258 – Allocate Voter-Approved Revenue for Ed & Trans (TPC Position: Support)
SB 246 – Public School Finance (TPC Position: Monitor)
HB 1316 – Modernizing Marriage Laws for Minors

2018 Legislation

HB 18-1004 – Renew Child Care Contibution Tax Credit
SB 18-007 – Affordable Housing Tax Credit
HB 18-1141 – Modernize Early Childhood Council Language
HB 18-1306 – Improve Education Stability for Foster Youth
HB 18-1319 – Extension of Services for Successful Adulthood for Former Foster Care Youth (ages 18-21)
HB  18-1335 – County Child Care Assistance Program Block Grants
HB 18-1346 – Abuse of Youth Under 21 in Care of Institution
HB 18-1348 – Child Welfare Information Services
SB 18-099 – Align Early Childhood Quality Improvement Program
HB 18-1050 – Compentency to Proceed Juvenile Justice System
HB 18-1094 – Children & Youth Mental Health Treatment Act
HB 18-1156 – Limit Penalties for Juvenile Truancy
HB 18-1064 – Training Program for Prevention Child Sexual Abuse
HB 18-1363 – Recommendations of Child Support Commission
SB 18-095 – Outdated References to “Illegitmate” Children
SB 18-154 – Juvenile Planning Committee Crossover Plans
SB 18-213 – Transfer Academic Credits for Division of Youth Services Youths
SB 18-272 – Crisis & Suicide Prevention Training Grant Program
HB 18-1134 – Use of Colorado Preschool Program Positions
SB 18-013 – Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act